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Doctors Clinic is a family practice clinic in Laikadu serving Laikadu, Changanassery and Thiruvalla areas and is well accessible as it is conveniently located on the SH1

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    Friendly And Experienced Staff

    The staff is highly experienced in managing day to day as well as urgent medical conditions.

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    ECG, GRBS, Pulse Oximetry

    We use government approved instruments to record your ECG, measure blood sugar and O2 levels.

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    BP Monitoring, Pain Relief

    We use injectable medications for a faster pain relief and IV fluids to normalise your blood pressure.

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    Minor Surgeries, Dressing

    At Doctors Clinic we also provide dressing and suturing of wounds as well as incision and drainage.

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    What can we offer you?

    Wide range of general
    medical services

    At our clinic we deal with day to day general medical conditions as well as minor emergencies.

    Minor Surgical Procedures

    At Doctors Clinic we provide suturing of wounds, incision and drainage and other minor surgical procedures.

    Electro Cardio Graph

    At our clinic we use government approved instruments to record your ECG as well as to measure your oxygen saturation levels.

    IV and Oral Medications

    We use stat IV and oral medications to deal with hypotention and other minor emergencies.

    Reliable and friendly nursing staff

    Our nursing staff is highly competent and is trained in reputed medical facilities.

    Emergency services

    At our clinic we have a room with 2 emergency beds where urgent treatments can be given.

    Clean Premises

    We have a clean reception and waiting area, a consultation room and a room for sanitisation of equipment and storage of medications

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    Dr R Thomas

    Our team

    Dr R Thomas is a former Medical Officer at General Hospital Changanassery. His competent and compassionate nature makes him popular not only among his patients but also his colleagues.

    Chief Medical Officer

    Dr R Thomas

    Dr R Thomas is a former Medical Officer at General Hospital Changanassery with TCMC Registration No: 39726. Being one of the best doctors in changanacherry, he is popular because of his friendly and compassionate nature.

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    Nurse Practitioner

    Anju P J

    Anju Is a very caring and dedicated nurse, her caring and compassionate nature makes her very popular among her patients. She has had the added benefit of experience of working in reputed medical facilities.

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    Babu Antony

    Mr Babu Antony has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is running a pharmacy which is conveniently located right beneath the clinic.

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    Public Relations

    Mr Jomon

    Mr Jomon is popular in the pharmaceutical industry for several years as a medical representative. He is currently in charge of the public relations at the clinic.

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    Latest Medical News

    Read latest medical and health care news here. Feel free to ask questions for any news you find interesting.

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    Hours of operation

    Mon – Sat
    3.30PM – 7.30PM

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    SH1, Opposite St Joseph’s Church,
    Laikadu, Changanassery 686102

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    About Us

    Doctors Clinic is a primary health care centre and family clinic in Laikadu, two kilometres away from Changanassery town, conveniently located on the SH1.


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